The Value in Creating Results

In business, we know that there is value in creating results, but is there more to it than just being able to accumulate “stuff”; money, assets, resources, and so on.

I think there is, but not for the reasons most people assume.

In recent months I’ve noticed a trend that is a bit unsettling, and quite frankly gives me pause for concern.

There seems to be an awful lot of experts running around that haven’t created result themselves.

I may be a bit old fashioned but I think that is really dishonest.

Learn. Do. Teach.

There is a formula for success that I follow. Learn. Do. Teach.

The idea is that you learn how to do something, then you do it and create results.

After you create results, then and only then do you turn around and teach others how to do it.

It is how I maintain an ethical business.

For example, I didn’t talk about making money online from home until I did it.

Nor did I talk about creating lists until I started creating them.

The same goes for talking about creating 5-figure months, having $3,000 weekends, closing client deals for $4,000 and up.

I had to put in the work and create those results before I could teach them to others.

Here’s my point.

The most important part of being a business is authenticity and creating results.

I believe one should let their results talk for them and not their mouths.

Repeating the greatest wisdom from leaders is great, but until you DO you won’t achieve your goals.

With that said…

Don’t worry about looking smart, or how you sound.

Heck, don’t even worry about what others think – go out and get results.

Nobody will care that you are a long haired hippy, if you have crooked teeth, if you wear wife beaters, or if you talk funny, or anything else if you’re putting up results they want to get.

Learn. Do. Teach.

Don’t skip the middle part – that is how you create value for others, in creating results.

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