Three Original Thoughts I’ve Had In My Walk As An Entrepreneur

Three Original Thoughts I’ve Had As An Entrepreneur

Three Original Thoughts I’ve Had In My Walk As An Entrepreneur

I wanted to share, very quickly, three original thoughts I’ve had in my walk as an entrepreneur. You see, critical thinking is one of those things that I value and practice.

In fact I keep an idea log.

I’ll sit with a pen and a notepad, and think of solutions to problems I encounter and write them down.

First, I write down the obvious stuff, and once that is done, I push myself to come up with something original; something I’ve never thought of before.

I’ll do this a few times a week, letting my imagination run wild.

Original Thoughts

They may not be original to everyone reading this, but we each develop at our own pace – they are to me.

  1. Time only moves one direction. You can save time, buy time, plan time, take time, set aside time and do anything you want with time, but stop it or make it go backwards. This actually came to me in a moment when I was trying to solve the problem of how to get more done with less time.
  2. Do things in the moment you are inspired to do them. Have you ever had an idea, then as quickly as it comes, you get distracted and it goes away?… me too; and for the life of me I couldn’t remember what on Earth I was trying to remember.This was where the idea for an idea log came from.I’d stop whatever I was doing, grab my pen and pad, then write down in as much detail as I can, what my idea was at the time.

    I’d take a few minutes to let it play in my head too.

    At some point in time this became a habit, and I’m grateful for it.

  3. Inspiration often comes at moments when you’re focused on something else. This one I’m pretty sure most people are aware of.You’ll be working hard on something, when something brilliant pops into your head. For me, more times than not, it’s completely unrelated.It happens when I’m reading books and going through training, or when I’m working… even when I’m writing this blog post!Pay attention to those moments. Inspiration is fleeting. (A bonus #4. haha!)

So those are my three original thoughts.

What do you think?

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