My Perfect Day

My Perfect Day

What Is Your Perfect Day?

So, today we did this exercise where we were challenged to figure out exactly what we want in life — what is the reason why we’re even building a business in the first place.

(And by “we” I mean our entrepreneur group).

Anyway, the way we were instructed to help us figure that out was to close our eyes and imagine our perfect day, then describe it.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you guys, and also, challenge you all to do the same. It’s a really good exercise to help you figure out what it is that you want and where you want to go.

My Perfect Day

I’m slowly getting into the habit of writing down goals and dreams and visions, and it’s funny. For all of the things I want to accomplish, my perfect day is really simple.

I paused the video, grabbed a pen and pad and spent a good hour just thinking about just what the heck I want, and with everything I wrote down, there are just two things, and they’re so simple.

My perfect day is being able to sit at home and hang out with my family and friends, and have the time and freedom to travel with my dad and not have to worry about or even think about money.

We’re immigrants and I watched my parents sacrifice and sacrifice and sacrifice for me and my sisters. My dad has been that unmovable rock my entire life. There is no quit in him.

The past few months I’ve been hearing him talk about being tired of working and want to do other things with his life now that the kids are grown and he’s done all he has to do for us.

He and I are always talking about taking a trip together. No destination specifically, just travel and see places we lived, track down old friends and neighbors, and just free up ourselves.

I REALLY want to retire him and give him that. I’m almost crying just thinking about how awesome that will be for him, when I tell him it’s okay for him to retire.

“Don’t worry about the bills and don’t worry about the house. I paid it off.

Giving him that gift? Oh man!

The other thing is my music. Music saved my life. I was headed down a very different path when I was younger.

I was angry at the world and bitter and didn’t have many friends and I was ALWAYS fighting and getting into trouble.

6th grade wheel program. Dr. Float. She introduced me to the double bass, and some much needed discipline. I don’t know where I’d be today if it weren’t for her and the orchestra.

I can sit around all day and just play my double bass by myself and the world can pass me by and I’ll be as happy as a bird whistling on a window sill. Me and my sisters used to play as a quartet too at churches.

Get this.

My big sister plays the violin, I play the bass, my younger sister below me played the viola, and my baby sister played the cello. I MISS those days when we played and practiced together.

I’m DEFINITELY starting a string quartet. And I have published music I’ve composed (classical) that I’ve never heard performed live.

Looking ahead I can see myself owning a club with a live venue. And I can see that little string quartet I’m funding with my commissions from Empower Network doing shows and concerts for charity too.

Every year with the orchestra we did 4 or 5 big concerts or holidays or whatever, but the one that really got everyone together? The Teddy Bear’s Concert!

It was a free concert for the community and it was usually between Thanksgiving and Christmas right? Like November’ish.

Anyway, people used to bring teddy bears and other gifts for kids, and the whole community used to come together.

Yeah, I gotta start an orchestra and hold my own Teddy Bear’s Concert every year for the community.

That’s a must.

All the other “stuff” just pales in comparison.

That’s what I wrote.

I had this really long list of things that I wrote, and it started out with material things like the car I wanted and how much money I wanted to make and everything else.

All that was great, but when it got right down to it, I still had to answer the question, “why do I want all this ‘stuff’? What do I get when I have it all?

Then I threw the list away and started picturing what my perfect day would be, and that’s when I discovered what it is I truly want.

If you’re still reading all of this I truly appreciate you. I ramble and get long winded so yeah — I appreciate you.


If you are trying to figure out exactly what it is you want out of life, and more importantly how you’re going to get there, I would suggest that you start by first figuring out your WHY.

There’s more to life than just going to work and paying bills for 40 years then hoping that you can retire some day.

But you’ve got to figure out first what you actually want.

Once you figure that out, then you need to figure out how you’re going to get from where you are right now, to where you want to be.

That is where I think I can help you.

You need a vehicle that you can drive to get from point a to point b and the vehicle you choose has to be the right one.

If I have to travel 1,000 miles I’m not going to use a skateboard or a bicycle. That’s just way too slow. I want a car, and the faster it goes the better.

Or better yet, I’m gonna fly, right?

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