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Epiphany: The Unrestrained Ambitions of an Entrepreneur Engineer

It has been quite some time since I’ve written, and I wanted to begin sharing about my journey of personal growth and personal development.

Today I had an epiphany. As an entrepreneur engineer, I’ve learned something about myself today in regard to my own mindset.,

When it comes to accomplishing tasks and setting goals, I still think like an engineer and not an entrepreneur. Rather, I only think like an engineer and fail to consider the point of view as a business person as well.

As an engineer, my focus is largely how to fix problems. I’m very good as seeing something that’s broken and finding a way to fix it. I, given time, can find a way to fix just about anything that’s broken.

And, if there’s something I need to learn in order to accomplish that, I will lose myself in study, learning whatever that is, then go back and fix the problem.

When people ask, “can you make it work?” the answer is almost always yes. That’s the up side to being an engineer.

The down side is that I’m almost always convinced that I can take a problematic project and make it work within a given timeline.

It is my own confidence and drive overwhelming practical judgement. It is, as I’ve heard it explained, the unrestrained ambitions of being a brilliant engineer.

On some level I already knew this about myself, because I often tell clients that if they want something done then give me a deadline or a goal to hit, but I didn’t understand it until this morning.

It’s quite possible that this little feature, (it’s not a flaw), in the way I think may very well be the reason why I’m good at landing clients, (because it’s a goal), but why I’m not consistent the way I’d like to be, (because consistency is not a goal but a behavior and character trait).

Engineers are notorious for having a wake of ‘started but unfinished’ projects in their wake.

I’m no different.

And now that I understand this about myself, and I am aware of it, I can adjust.


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