MONEY Master The Game by Tony Robbins. 7 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom

Book: MONEY Master The Game by Tony Robbins

(7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom)

My journey to financial freedom was a long one. I didn’t know anything about money, but I knew I needed to do something differently because what I did wasn’t working.

Before I give you my review on the book, and why I highly recommend it, you need to understand where I started my journey years ago.

I was working construction at the time, making $9.00 an hour and driving almost two hours one way to get to work, where I had to pay for parking.

I pulled in to the lot that day, tired as always, and reached into my pocket only to realize that my last $20 bucks was gone. I put too much in gas and didn’t have enough.

I was already sick of the job but that day broke me.

I sat there in my van, crying and trying to figure out just what the heck I was going to do. I was dabbling in work at home stuff but didn’t take it seriously, but I was learning financial principles.

All of the stuff I was learning was going through my head and I think it was the first time I understood my situation for what it was.

I was in my late twenties, working construction, driving my mom’s van, and even though I was working and contributing, I was still at home with my parents. I didn’t have two pennies to rub together.

What kind of man was I going to make? How was I ever going to have a family of my own some day? A million thoughts were running through my head and none of them were good.

After a while somethign clicked in my head. I was still upset, but my mind became focused.

I breathed deep and said, “I can’t do this shit anymore” and left. I was so stressed that day, I passed my exit three times on the way home.

It was the saddest and best day of my life, and more than a decade later, I’ve done what a lot of people only talk about, being able to make money from home.

That road was NOT easy for me, and I promise I’ll share some of those stories another time, but during the hardest times, like after the economy crash, I had to learn how to make money, and make it fast.

I had to become money smart. I had to learn how money worked and get rid of the mindsets that kept me where I was.

I learned about MONEY Master The Game watching to a Tony Robbins video on YouTube of all places. I don’t remember how exactly it was presented to me, but I am glad that I bought it.

This book features advice from some of the greatest financial minds today, and Tony Robbins lays the information out in a way that’s easy to follow and apply.

It is a cache of financial wisdom, and is must read for anyone who’s looking for a way to gain financial freedom. If ever there were a “money bible”, this is it.

Money Master The Game by Tony Robbins. 7 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom


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