DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson Book

Book: DOTCOM Secrets by Russell Brunson


Dan Kennedy wrote the foreword for this book and I have to agree with his assessment that DOTCOM Secrets is a lot more than what the title suggests.

It says “the underground playbook for growing your company online“, but the truth is that this book is arguably the single most important book that I’ve ever read.

Up until I read this book, I didn’t have a business.

I had my websites, I had products, I had services, and I was marketing them, but I didn’t have a business. I was a strategy chaser, which means that I was always going from one strategy to another trying to keep the money coming in.

I didn’t have an actual structure to anything I did. I didn’t have a system in place that could walk people who visited my websites or responded to my marketing through a process that got them to buy, upgrade, or renew products and services.

I had to do a lot of that on the phone or through email.

Also, I spent a lot of time on the wrong people. If you’ve ever run a business then you know what I mean. People who always complain, they’re negative, they want all of your time, but they never follow through on their commitments.

They sucked the energy out of me and the made being in business for myself stressful and it became like a job that I hated, which is why I started working from home to get away from in the first place.

DOTCOM Secrets helped me to transform my websites into a robust, thriving business. It helped me to find the right people as well; where to find them and how to attract them.

Applying what I learned made the sales process easy, to the point where I don’t have to chase people all the time, or constantly chase down new business.

What I learned saved me a lot of time, money and frustration… and it works. The information is dead on point and proven in business. It’s not fly by night strategies that I used to chase.

Probably the best part is that I’m not stressed out anymore, and I actually look forward to running my businesses.

If you have a business, or if you’re thinking about starting one, I *highly* recommend reading this book. It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in or thinking about getting into, I say this is mandatory reading.

At the time of writing, this book is currently free. Do take advantage of it and get your copy.

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