Recommended Reading Book Club

Recommended Reading Book Club

Welcome to my recommended reading book club! This is one of my favorite sections of the site because I am a HUGE reader. Not every book I’ve read is listed here; just the ones I personally recommend.

On this page you won’t find the books, but rather the book categories. Think of it as a library index. Just click on the category and it will take you to a list of books, as well as a short review explaining why I recommended it.

That being said, many of the links to the books are affiliate links, meaning that when you purchase the book, I earn a small commission. Please use the links buy the books.

The money I earn buys me more time to focus on serving you value at the highest possible level, and it will allow me to reach and serve more and more people, which is one of my goals.

So, thank you in advance for your support. Enjoy the books!